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In any economic climate, people are going to require haircuts and hair styling. Given the current pandemic stemming from Covid-19, hair salons have been required to drastically change the way that they operate. As more states reopen their economies, the demand for haircuts, coloring, and styling services has risen sharply. Hair salons are in a unique position in that their revenues are relatively immune from negative changes in the economy due to the simple fact that people must go to a professional stylist to get a haircut.

We have developed a comprehensive suite of business planning tools that you can use for raising capital for a new or existing hair salon. One of the major focuses that we provide in our business planning toolkit is the growth of a hair salon business through mobile based operations where stylists and cosmetologists go to their homes of clients in order to render services. This is becoming a popular trend given that many customers still feel uneasy about going to a brick-and-mortar hair salon despite state approvals for reopening. Moving forward, it is expected that many hair salons will seek to integrate at-home styling services in order to meet this demand.

The centerpiece of our toolkit is the simple question-and-answer driven financial model that we provide that eliminates much of the confusion when developing financial statements for a business plan. Please see the video below as to how easy it is for creating a profit and loss statement, cash flow analysis, balance sheet, and other important statements using our model:

The Hair Salon Business Plan is a completely editable Word document. The chapter list is as follows:

  • 1.0 Executive Summary
  • 2.0 Corporate Overview and Usage of Funds Overview
  • 3.0 Hair Salon Operations
  • 4.0 Economic, Market, Industry, and Competitive Analysis
  • 5.0 Marketing Plan
  • 6.0 Personnel Summary and Corporate Organization
  • 7.0 Financial Plan
  • Appendix A – SWOT Analysis
  • Appendix B – Expanded Monthly and Quarterly Profit and Loss Statements
  • Appendix C – Expanded Monthly and Quarterly Cash Flow Analysis
  • Appendix D – Loan Amortization Table (if seeking a loan)

In addition to Hair Salon Business Plan and Excel model, you will also receive:

  • A 24-page Hair Salon Marketing Plan
  • Three Hair Salon SWOT Analysis Templates
  • A Hair Salon Pitch Deck
  • A “How to Guide” for starting or expanding a hair salon